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Our team and mission

ZERO GRAVITY SYSTEMS is a startup founded in the U.S. (Chicago). Our team is a group of scientists, enthusiasts in physics, whose field of interest and mission are the understanding of the physics of gravitation, the development of the gravitation control technology and its implementation in gravity shielding and technical systems – zero gravity systems.

Our team has created a new theoretical basis of the quantum theory of gravitation and the physical model explaining the phenomenon of gravitation on the basis of the quantum physics. The core element of this model is the hypothesis of the Effect of Soloshenko-Yanchilin.

The Effect of Soloshenko-Yanchilin: an atomic frequency (atomic oscillation frequency) is increased in a gravitational field - time goes faster in the field of gravity and the value of Planck’s constant decreases with the increase of the absolute value of the gravitational potential. According to the Effect of Soloshenko-Yanchilin the gravitational time acceleration means that the rate of time is higher near a large mass. See the details in the menu – «The presentation of the project».

The hypothesis of the Effect of Soloshenko-Yanchilin contradicts with the General Theory of Relativity postulating the gravitational time dilation. But we insist that the Effect of Soloshenko-Yanchilin (ESY) is true and that till now there is no a verified valid physical evidence of the gravitational time dilation.

Above all, our team will pay $ 100 000 any expert who will prove the gravitational time dilation (postulated in the GTR) by presenting any scientific article describing the verified physical measurements as an absolute evidence that the gravitational time dilation is true. See the details in the «Open scientific competition» in the presentation. From the position of common sense, it’s obvious that if our team is ready to pay such money – the scientific question is not so simple and that the problem deserves to be looked at in detail - see «The scientific basis» in the presentation.  

But if ESY is true, is there any practical use besides scientific value?  And we say – yes.

ESY is the key physical effect to control gravity. We have created the technical know-how that is principal for the gravitation control technology. But to protect our know-how (a prototype of a core technological element), first we have to prove that ESY is true.

To control Gravity – is our dream.  ZERO GRAVITY SYSTEMS is a high-tech startup to make this dream come true. 

Our project consists of three Phases. The first and the most important phase, Phase I – the project Time Tower.

The mission of the project Time Tower is to provide the absolute physical evidence that the gravitational time acceleration (ESY) is true and to provide the direct measurement data that the gravitational time dilation is false. If the ESY is true – this will open up a great horizon for science and technology.   

In case of success of the Phase I we will get a scientifically verified basis to register a patent «The physical principle to control gravitation based on the Effect of Soloshenko-Yanchilin». This patent will be the intellectual property of the company realizing Phases II and III. See the details in «The presentation of the project». The success of the Phase I will prove that our scientific ideas and know-how are true.

It’s impossible to get the patent and provide the basis of the intellectual property without the Phase I – without the project Time Tower. Without this patent we will not be able to disclose and demonstrate our technical know-how because we will not get the protection from the possible stealing of our core physical and technical ideas. We do not plan to lose the years spent on our scientific research without the protection guarantee of our intellectual property.

At the Phase II we will carry out an experimental demonstration of gravity shielding based on the ESY and our technical know-how. We will be able to patent our know-how implementing ESY only at the Phase II.  At the Phase III we will create the prototype device implementing the gravity shielding technology. It sounds fantastic. But the lasers, superconductivity, computers and iphone – all they seemed to be impossible somewhen.

 We offer the potential investors and scientific organizations to participate in the project Time Tower because it concerns not just the fundamental question of the physics of gravity, but the success of the project will provide the great profit for the potential investor and an access to the zero gravity devices based on the gravitation control technology. We also offer the zero-risk scheme for a venture partner.

In case our potential partner agrees to finance the project, we offer to name the new physical effect by adding the last name of our partner. Now it is the Effect of Soloshenko-Yancilin and we offer to name it - the Effect of Soloshenko-Yanchilin + last name of a Partner.

Become our partner and we will change the world by introducing the gravitation control technology!